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Mot de la Marraine Kenyane "Sylvia IYU"


Law student and Pro Player of KENYA on the discipline TEKKEN 7

Kenyan Godmother of the International eSport Cup TEKKEN7 100% Female

I would like to thank the President Samuel JOURSON and all the team of GIGA'GAMES for this invitation, this great honor that I have been given to represent my country KENYA, through this beautiful event. It is also with pride that I accepted to be the Godmother of the International Women's Tournament, on my favorite game TEKKEN7 for these GIGA'GAMES CANOC ESPORTS SERIES. I greatly appreciate this connection between the Caribbean and Africa, as well as the rapprochement of esports with the world of sports and Olympism.

I am convinced that this event will be a milestone, and will also be one of the engines for more recognition of women in the world of Esport. I am looking forward to seeing you in Guadeloupe, and to meeting women gamers from the Caribbean and from various parts of the world.
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